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WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps

WaterSecure™ 3K Solar Backup for Well Pumps

RPS Solar Pumps - WS

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America's #1 Most Trusted Solar-Powered Water Pumps
RPS Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it. Our Pledges to You

Water Security when the grid goes down! Finally, Solar charged battery backup for existing grid-tied well pumps. The WaterSecure™ system allows for the running of a new or previously installed 110v or 220v Single Phase on a solar charged battery bank, delivering up to 3,000 watts of pure sine power for a 1/2HP pump. Plus, power household appliances like internet routers, coffee makers, lights, TV's, home health equipment, fans, fridges*, freezers*, laundry machines* and AC units*. Yes! It's finally possible!

All WaterSecure™ kits contain: 

  • RPS 100W Rugged Aluminum Framed Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels 
  • Solar Wires (2 x 50ft)
  • DC Cut-off Switch 
  • 3,000W Inverter/Charger 
  • Plug+Wiring for AC or 220V Generator backup (3 feet)
  • Battery Wiring and Jumpers (2.5 feet)
  • Deep Cycle 12V GEL Batteries 
  • NEMA L14-30 Plug for quick install
  • Breaker/Fuse
  • Detailed Full-Color Installation Manual
  • 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty 
  • Phone/Email/Text Support from Friendly USA based RPS engineers

      System is near universal with any traditional AC well pump motor, but let our engineers know if you have a question on compatibility.  No pump?  It will also work as an AC power system for off-grid home or cabin. Solar panel mounting is not included, visit our Pole Mounting or Scalable Ground Mounting pages for more info on mounting your solar panels.

      *6K and 12K Only


      Download the Complete Guide to Watersecure 

      For sizing we generally like to know...
      1. Current Pump voltage and horsepower 

      2. Gallons of water per day your family uses (usually 50-100 gallons/day per person)

      Gallons Per Day (GPD)

       HP of Pump*
      WS-3K-1200 WS-3K-1800 WS-6K-800
      1/2 HP 1060
      2120 4133 2120
      3/4 HP
      n/a 1413
      1 HP n/a
      n/a 1060

      Need Larger? Go WS-6K

      3.0 HP And Higher?
      See Fully Built Out Solar Trailer with Generator

      * GPD Calculated using an average of 6GPM for each pump size

      Solar Panels Included

      WS-3K-1200 WS-3K-1800
      6 12 18


      Batteries Included 

      WS 3K-600
      WS 3K-1200 WS 3K-1800
      4x 55Ah 8x 55Ah
      4x 160Ah AGM

         Solar Panels: 47”x 20”x 1.18”, 100W / 12V, ~15lbs
      WaterSecure Controller: 29" x 17" x 12", ~61.6lbs
      Batteries: 20” x 11” x 8”, ~37lbs


      We feel it important to mention that our team is not on commission so expect our help, not pressure to purchase. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn't a good fit for you or your well. It's why thousands of American farms & ranches trust RPS. Note from RPS co-owner Mike

      Rather a Friendly voice? Our famous support team is here to help! 


      *Note: Free shipping unfortunately only available for contiguous 48 states.  Subsidized shipping available for Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Canada! 

      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Working great!

      This is a shot of the RPS well pump inverter hook up in our home basement. Andrew was a terrific help with the battery pack layout! You’ll note that the inverter is mounted just under our 16KW Kohler generator panel. The generator runs on natural gas. If the grid goes COMPLETELY down, and the gas stops flowing, I’ll hook the solar panels and fire up the inverter to supply us with 240V well pump water to get us by. I’ll revisit the videos on 110V plug attachments to use smaller appliances. Thanks for all your help!

      Steve Silveria
      Good system need to have a 3R version

      I installed the 3K-1200 system a few weeks back and have to say it was extremely simple and worked great right from the go. The only thing I would say is if you are in a very remote part of a property you will have to build or purchase an enclosure because the controller is not weather proof and also you need an enclosure for the batteries.

      Shibi Chandran
      Wanted to have your email address, need further information about the solar pumps

      Its looks great and i am sure should be working well, thanks

      William, ME
      The future of solar power

      As a off grid contractor this is the new wave in solar power. To be able to supply your client with a affordable and efficient system that is in a complete package. My client had a system that never worked from the start so they abandoned it 5 years ago. So I Worked with RPS To use the clients solar panels and installed a WS-300 to there 2 hp deep well pump and in less than 2 hours of work had there well pumping water
      The WS-300 is very user friendly with the easy to use and operate screen
      As a off grid contractor I can’t wait to get my hands on there WS-600 and there WS-1200 Systems for taking cabins and tiny-houseso off grid this is truly the new wave in solar water pumping and solar power.

      William, ME
      Thank you

      Thank you for your response and for answering my questions! Everyone there has been so nice to me. I really love the system ( professional , high quality , and good customer service). Everything working fine , if have any further questions will let you know. Thank you and let the whole team know that I said thank you