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WaterSecure Solar Backup for Well Pumps

WaterSecure Solar Backup for Well Pumps

RPS Solar Pumps

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Water Security when the grid goes down! Finally, Solar charged battery backup for existing grid-tied well pumps. The WaterSecure system allows for the running of a new or previously installed 110v or 220v Single Phase on a solar charged battery bank. Yes! It's finally possible!

For sizing we generally like to know...
1. Current Pump voltage and horsepower 

2. Gallons of water per day your family uses (usually 50-100 gallons/day per person)

All kits come with Solar Panels, Simple Mounting Brackets, Solar Pump Controller, Cut-off Switch, AGM Batteries, Wiring, Breaker/Fuses, Installation Manual

System is near universal with any traditional AC well pump motor, but let our engineers know if you have a question on compatibility. Systems come with AGM Batteries.
Gallons Per Day (GPD)

 HP of Pump* Emergency WS300
1/2 HP 300 700 2000 4000
3/4 HP
200 525 1500 3000
1 HP 150 350 1000 2000
1.5 HP 90 200 700 1200
2 HP 50 150 500 1000

* GPD Calculated using an average of 5GPM for each pump size

Solar Panels Included

Emergency WS300
2 3 6 12

Delivery/Lead time is currently 3 weeks. 
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