Collection: Livestock

More ranchers every year make the switch to solar for their wells. We know why. We used to haul water and climb windmills too and it sucks.

94% of ranchers that switched to an RPS Solar Pump this year said they won’t ever go back to paying an electric bill, repairing windmills, running a generator or hauling water. Lifetime Value that blows the others out of the water.

The average cattleman saved 2 days per month and $1520 per season over their old water options. What would you do with 2 free days per month and some extra cash?

Solar Pump vs. Windmill vs. Grid-tied
Average New Pump Install Popularity in USA
* Over half of cattle ranches over 200 head are using solar

RPS Livestock Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it.

Not sure about sizing? For Well Pumps use the Online Pump Sizing or call any RPS team member at 888-637-4493.
Need a Surface Pump or Booster/Pressure Pump instead? RPS Solar Surface Pumps.

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