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More ranchers every year make the switch to solar for their wells. We know why. We used to haul water and climb windmills too and it sucks.

94% of ranchers that switched to an RPS Solar Pump this year said they won’t ever go back to paying an electric bill, repairing windmills, running a generator or hauling water. Lifetime Value that blows the others out of the water.

The average cattleman saved 2 days per month and $1520 per season over their old water options. What would you do with 2 free days per month and some extra cash?

Not sure about sizing? For Well Pumps use the Online Pump Sizing or call any RPS team member at 888-637-4493.

Need a Surface Pump or Booster/Pressure Pump instead? RPS Solar Surface Pumps.

More than 10 wells on your ranch? Schedule a Free RPS Ranch Water Survey™ with one of our lead Ranch-Water Engineers. Click here to schedule.