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RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit
RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit

RPS 800 Solar Well Pump Kit

RPS Solar Pumps

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America's #1 Most Trusted Solar-Powered Water Pump
RPS Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it. Our Pledges to You

For deeper wells, the RPS 800 remains the most popular on the market. Eight easy-to-mount solar panels offer powerful performance at an amazing price - up to 3200 gallons a day, and over 500 gallons at 400ft. And to give you more flexibility and peace of mind, batteries or a generator can be used to supplement as needed. The most efficient brushless permanent magnet motors mean no replacement of carbon brushes and years of smooth, reliable performance. Lifetime Rotor Warranty and the only field-serviceable pump available save you thousands over other options. Spec Sheet

Thank you to hundreds of customers that made suggestions last year to help make our new solar pump systems even easier to install. See the 2019 Upgrades here

Gallons to Expect from RPS 800 
* Based on a 6 hour solar pumping day

Gallons Per Day GPM
No head 3204 8.9
25 3168 8.8
50 3132 8.7
75 2952 8.2
100 2844 7.9
125 2628 7.3
150 2592 7.2
175 2484 6.9
200 2340 6.5
225 2124 5.9
250 1908 5.3
275 1836 5.1
300 1620 4.5
325 1476 4.1
350 1044 2.9
375 828 2.3
400 540 1.5

Need a different model?
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Sizing Wizard.

Complete the Sizing Step of the WATER ASSURANCE PLAN™ with any RPS Team Member at 888-637-4493 and RPS Guarantees Water From Your Pump After Proper Installation or Your Money Back!  Start Sizing Now »

 RPS 800 Kit contains:

  • 8x RPS 100 Watt Rugged Aluminum Framed Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
  • RPS Helical Rotor Pump with DC Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor
  • RPS Pump Controller with Industry Leading Efficiency + Smooth Start/Stop
  • 3/4" hose barb and hose clamps for use with black poly pipe (or ask for 1" if you prefer)
  • 1x Low-water Well Level sensor with 100ft wire attached
  • 1x Tank Shut-off sensor with 100ft wire attached
  • Solar Panel cable connectors
  • Waterproof heatshrink wire splice kit with pre-crimped pump wires
  • Detailed full-color solar pump guide for step-by-step planning & install
  • Access to RPS video archives of installation tips & product walkthroughs
  • 30 Day Money-Back & 100% Water Assurance Guarantee
  • Lifetime Rotor Warranty which is only wear part and Field Serviceable
  • 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  • Phone / Email / Text Support from Friendly USA based RPS Engineers

Features of RPS Controllers
Multiple Sensor Inputs 
Tank High & Well Low sensors 
Variable Frequency Control with MPPT
Cycling Protection Timer 
Exterior Shut-off Switch
Features of RPS Pumps
Slow Start/Stop for Longevity
Brushless Motor Technology 
Serviceable in the Field 
Stainless Steel Body 
Lifetime Rotor Warranty 

We feel it important to mention that our team is not on commission so expect our help, not pressure to purchase. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn't a good fit for you or your well. It's why thousands of American farms & ranches trust RPS. Note from RPS co-owner Mike

Rather a Friendly voice? Our famous support team is here to help! 


*Note: Free shipping unfortunately only available for contiguous 48 states.  Subsidized shipping available for Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Canada! 


Rather a Friendly voice? Our famous support team is here to help! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
RPS 800

We have been pumping since Mid May 2018 . Full sun day 3000 gallons in 7 hrs. The Whole experience with the RPS Team has been wonderful. We are going total off grid with the water system next . We need pricing on pressure pump system.
we will send pictures in a few days


We haven’t installed yet we won’t be drilled until until sometime this summer I have a well on my property in California and over the years it has cost me thousands to replace a pump and motor I’m thrilled about this pump being able to replace the parts in it

Thank you!

Finally got some decent weather and got the pump put in. Totally impressed on the setup. It was super easy with basic pumbling and electrical needs. I watched the youtube installation videos and read over the manual and it is almkst foolproof. Only thing i had to do was make a run to the store for a few fittings for my particular setup. I am pumping 300 feet away from the well at about 2.5 gpm in the first few minutes of flipping the switch. Thanks for making a product that works for the off gridders like me. Its been about 2 years of gathering water and its going to be so nice to turn a faucet and have water anytime. "


It’s been a year since I have installed this pump and I can truly say that this has been the best investment we have made. No longer do we have to haul water ! I installed a 500 gal tank and trenched 500 feet on a slight grade to fill two troughs on gravity flow . We have so much water we have planted several trees in the pasture for my new grandson and great nephew .


Yes we received the pump and solar panels and are super excited to get started on installing the pump and putting it to work.