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RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits
RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits

RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits

RPS Solar Pumps - Pro Well

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America's #1 Most Trusted Solar-Powered Water Pump
RPS Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it.

Our Pro Series Mid (ProM) pumps are designed for mid volume/head applications that call for a balance of head and volume. They can be self-installed or using a local installer. Over 400ft see Pro Series Deep, over 50 GPM see Pro Series Volume.

Pro Series Mid systems use hearty 3-Phase Motors and 3.9″ Pump Ends. Our controllers are the best in the world and allow customization and optimization based on sun and season. Easily switch between solar and another 220V backup power source when the sun isn't shining, like a generator or grid power, using the Pro Controller autoswitching feature. 

Systems Include:
- Brushless Submersible Motor (3 Phase 220v, 3.9” Diameter)
- 2.2 kW Rated Solar Controller (takes DC Voltage from Solar Panel array +Auto-Switch to run with 220v Grid or Generator when not enough solar)
- Large Float Switch for use as high water tank sensor
- Stainless Steel Pump End (sized to your well and water needs)
- Solar Array in Mono/Poly Aluminum-framed UL Solar Panels
- All connector cables from solar panels to controller
- Built In No-Slam Check Valve 
- DC cut-off disconnect switch rated for your array, plug and play with MC4s
Grounding Kit (copper wire, lug and tape)
- Simplified Wiring Diagrams for easy hookup
- Phone & Email support before and during installation
- 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Solar panel mounting is a separate cost, we have easy-to-install DIY Scalable Ground Mounting and Adjustable Top-of-Pole options.  

Unlike our line of 3'' Submersible Pumps, like the RPS 200, 400, 800, the surface pump TPP or even our Grid-less Sump Pump, the Pro Series is not compatible with batteries. 

Copper rod for grounding is customer supplied. 

Well Pump: 3.9" OD, 1.25" Outlet ~30lbs
Controller: 16” x 16” x 4”, ~22lbs

Solar Panels: 47”x 20”x 1.18”~15lbs (100W panels)

65"x 39"x1.38" ~ 40lbs (370W panels)

Pro500M: 8 x 100W 

Pro750M: 10 x 100W 

Pro1000M: 12 x 100W

Pro1500M: 6 x 370W 

Pro2000M: 8 x 370W 

Pro3000M: 10 x 370W

Pro5000M: 20 x 370W 


We feel it important to mention that our team is not on commission so expect our help, not pressure to purchase. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn't a good fit for you or your well. It's why thousands of American farms & ranches trust RPS. Note from RPS co-owner Mike

Rather a Friendly voice? Our famous support team is here to help! 


*Note: Free shipping unfortunately only available for contiguous 48 states.  Subsidized shipping available for Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Canada! 


RPS Pro Series Mid - Solar Pump Kits SPEC SHEET



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steve P. - California
All good so far, thanks!

Me and two buddies put it. It got just a bit heavy near the end but we did it!

Best regards,


Billy C. - Texas
Way more than I expected!

My old tank (in pictures) was less than half full because of a drought here in Texas this summer. It is now full and spilling over into my new tank. Thanks RPS. Great product so far. Very excited. We’ll see how long this PRO3000M can hold up running at least 8-10 hours per day this summer.

Tom H
Pro Install

Great install, and pumping water!

Mi nguyen

They designed this to be easy and hard to mess up. Like non polarity electrical. I got a pro mid 1500, its nice. Happy with it.

John Does
Very Satisfied

Everything went just fine. Customer Service was fantastic. Dropped the pump 160 feet and then ran the electrical to the panels another 100 feet away. Then ran the poly pipe from the well head 170 feet into my 3 acre lake and it’s pumping away! I did it all by myself and your instructions and videos made it a breeze!!! Very satisfied customer.