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Over the past 6 years, RPS has developed state of the art technology to make this easier, with plug-and-play kits that allow you to secure your water source, power or not. While not everyone is able to go totally off-grid, we are seeing more people "off-gridding" their water systems - well pumps, jet pumps, and booster pump systems and we have developed easy DIY kits that give you the power to secure your water source, no matter what happens!

Whether you're looking for a backup water system or a pressurized system for your home or off-grid cabin, we've got the perfect solar pump system for you!

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AC to Solar Conversion Kit

The RPS 220V-to-Solar Conversion Kit allows for the powering with solar any existing 220V 3-Wire Single Phase motor OR Three Phase motor. Works with both surface pumps and submersible pump as long as they are 220V AC.

Controller handles automatic switching between solar and another 220V backup power source when the sun isn't shining, like a generator or grid power, using it's built-in auto-switching feature. 

Starting at $3,199!


WaterSecure™ Systems

Just like your favorite gas powered generator is rated in watts, the WaterSecure™ uses a 3,000 watt, 6,000 watt, or 12,000 watt solar generator in the main control box. The controller makes DC power from sunlight and transforms it into AC 110/220V power, the same power you would get from the electric company!

Power is stored in batteries until needed. More batteries means more storage, and more solar panels equates to faster recharge of batteries. Let’s take an example of a WaterSecure™ 6K-1200, which uses twelve 100W panels and four 160Ah, 12V batteries.

Volts x amps=Watt hours of power

4 batteries x (160 Ah x 12V) = 7,680Wh of total stored energy

  • Startup Power

    As more power hungry appliances are plugged in at the same time, a larger WaterSecure™ like a 6K or 12K is needed to handle the spike in power (Watts) upon startup. For example, if a water pump, AC unit and freezer were to simultaneously turn on, their operation requires an adequate surge rating that does not exceed the power output of the controller.

    All of our WaterSecure™ models can support double their inverter rating for up to 10 seconds, for example a WS-6K supports 12,000W. That’s why a 6K and 12K may provide similar overall runtimes, but the 12K is the necessary choice to ensure that you aren’t overwhelming the system with multiple, large appliances.

  • Prepare Your Property

    Whether preparing for grid blackouts or betting on an unpredictable world, the ability to pull the entire property off-grid brings a certain peace of mind. WaterSecure™ adapts to your lifestyle! For example, if you power a coffee machine 1/2 hour each day (500W) instead of 1 hour (1,000W), then the 500W of energy saved can be used by something else - water your garden for another 1 hour, or watch the big game on your laptop!

    WaterSecure™ Kits are EXPANDABLE, meaning you can start with a couple of batteries and panels and purchase more at a later time as your needs change.

TPP Pressure Pump™ Systems

With the RPS Tankless Pressure™ System you'll get smooth continuous steady reliable water pressure without the need for AC power, a pressure tank or the utility grid. The solar charged battery bank powers a centrifugal booster pump that varies its speed and power based on your demand for water at the exact pressure you select from 20 to 45psi. Need reliable drip irrigation? Set system to 20 or 30 psi. Need household water pressure or sprinklers? Set system to 45psi.

  • Specs

    Flow rates from 5 to 25 GPM are supported. 15’ suction from a pond or shallow well with foot valve. When possible, reducing distance between foot valve and pump helps in priming. 1-1/4", 1-1/2" or even 2" for longer runs helps prevent frictional loss if over 50 feet. Pump has 1.25" FNPT Inlet, 1" FNPT outlet. Worry-free backup from 220V AC Grid or generator power recharges batteries when the sun doesn't shine. The TPP REQUIRES batteries for solar operation.


"I was so pleased with the first system that I ordered a second one! Absolutely fantastic technical team. They were there when I had questions and they are a great team of people with great products at great prices. Will absolutely recommend RPS to all my friends. Thanks again for being a great company with great products."


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