Pond Aeration and Fountains

RPS Solar Pumps - Americas #1 Most Popular Solar Fountain Pumps

With the rising cost of grid power, more and more ponds are being filled and maintained with solar-powered pumps. We only use brushless motors for use filling, maintaining and aerating ponds. Plus, we offer the most comprehensive 2 Year Warranty on all of our solar fountains and aerators for added peace of mind.

Lifetime Value, Water Assurance, Warranty Coverage, Dedicated Engineering Support

Fountains VS Aerators

We like to consider Aeration to be preventative maintenance when talking about organic material (weeds, muck, algae, etc).

An aeration based management strategy will..

  • Get Rid of Pond Muck
  • Erase Thermoclines
  • Boost Water Quality
  • Increase Oxygen Levels
  • Reduce Fishkill
  • Fountains

    Our Solar Fountain Series Pumps are high volume pumps - floating submersible or self priming suction. Add healthy oxygen and circulate your pond's water! There is no other solar fountain pump kit like this on the market! Healthy water means algae-free. Easy to install!

    • All models come with a Blossom-Style Nozzle and a Cluster-Style Nozzle for a variety of different looks!
    • Our range of fountains produce between 5-40 lbs of oxygen per day.
  • Aerators

    Our RPS engineers spent all year developing a solar powered air compressor kit that is now the most unique technology we've found anywhere on the internet to aerate your pond! Easily assembled and installed by one person in a single weekend, lifting no more than 18 lbs at a time.

    • The solar powered air compressor pushes oxygen through a weighted hose down to a bubbling air stone, aerating multiple pond thermoclines with fresh O2.
    • Supported for pond bottoms up to 15 feet deep.


Add a combination for the best of both worlds like theSpray & Bubble 800 Kit- F400 Fountain, Air400 Aerator + 8P Mount


TOM S. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Spent a good bit of time researching solutions for aerating our one acre stocked pond. RPS had the right solution at the right price! They were quick to answer all of my questions and shipped my order cross country the very next day!

I would highly recommend RPS to anyone who needs something like this! Great product and great service (before AND after the sale!)"


Jeremy H. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I have personally referred several customers from this area to your business in the last couple of weeks and hope they have a good experience as I have had. Your product is much cheaper than the other options on the market and have been the difference in making projects feasible or not."


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