Collection: Ponds

With the rising cost of grid power, more and more ponds are being filled and maintained with solar-powered pumps.

Keeping Pond Full

Both surface and submersible pumps are commonly used with ponds, pumping from springs, lakes, creeks and wells. Surface pumps with suction can be installed with foot valves to draw water up from shallow wells or springs, and traditional submersible well pumps can be set in wells and spring boxes. Customers that have wells with 6" casings or larger often drop a solar pump down alongside an existing AC pump to use for the pond.

Pond Water Aeration
Another popular use of RPS Solar Pumps is for pond aeration. The most popular technique is floating/submerging a submersible pump in the middle of the pond and using an aerating and decorative fountainhead to spray the water and in doing so, introduce oxygen into the water. A simple venturi valve can also do the trick. RPS Fountain Systems can circulate thousands of gallons a day.

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Gallons Per Day (GPD) for Solar Well Pumps

RPS 200 RPS800V Pro 500V Pro 1000V Pro Lakemaker XL 3hp Pro Lakemaker XL 5hp
Solar or Battery Backup Direct Drive Solar or Generator Direct Drive Solar or Generator Direct Drive Solar or Generator
50ft Head  1,500 5,100 7,500 11,800 30,000 63,000
100ft Head  1,100 4,600 5,400 9,700 20,000 20,880
150ft Head
- 3,000 1,400 7,500 Custom Custom
More than 150ft - - - Custom Custom Custom
* Gallons Per Day calculated using average of 6 hours/day solar. For Direct Drive Solar systems divide GPD by 360 to get GPM.