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WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps
WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps

WaterSecure™ 6K Solar Backup for Well Pumps

RPS Solar Pumps

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America's #1 Most Trusted Solar-Powered Water Pumps
RPS Solar Pump Kits are for people that believe in getting the job done themselves, and getting it done right. Our goal is to arm you with the equipment and knowledge to take control of your water and save a fistful of money doing it. Our Pledges to You

Water Security when the grid goes down! Finally, solar charged battery backup for existing grid-tied well pumps. The WaterSecure 6k system allows for the running of a new or previously installed 110v or 220v Single Phase on a solar charged battery bank, delivering up to 6,000 watts of pure sine power for up to a 3hp pump. Yes! It's finally possible!

For sizing we generally like to know...
1. Current Pump voltage and horsepower 

2. Gallons of water per day your family uses (usually 50-100 gallons/day per person)

  • All WaterSecure™ Kits contain:

      • RPS 100 Watt Rugged Aluminum Framed Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
      • Solar Wires (50 feet)
      • DC Cut-off Switch
      • 6000w Inverter/Charger 
      • Plug+Wiring for AC or 220v Generator backup (3 feet)
      • Battery Wiring and Jumpers (2.5 feet)
      • Deep Cycle AGM 12v Batteries 
      • NEMA L14-30 Plug for quick install
      • Breaker/Fuse
      • Detailed Full-Color Installation Manual
      • 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty 
      • Phone / Email / Text Support from Friendly USA based RPS engineers  

System is near universal with any traditional AC well pump motor, but let our engineers know if you have a question on compatibility.  No pump?  It will also work as an AC power system for offgrid home or cabin.  Visit our mounting page for more info on mounting your solar panels.

Gallons Per Day (GPD)

 HP of Pump* WS-6K-800
WS-6K-1600 WS-6K-2400
1/2 HP
2120** 3179  6359
3/4 HP
1 HP
2.0 HP?
12K is here!

3.0 HP And Higher?
See Fully Built Out Solar Trailer with Generator

* GPD Calculated using an average of 6GPM for each pump size
** 50% Faster Charging so pump runtimes extended on sunny days 


100W Solar Panels Included 

WS-6K-1600 WS-6K-2400
8 12


Batteries Included (55Ah AGM)

WS-6K-1600 WS-6K-2400
8 8


Shipping same week!
Chat with an Engineer at 888-637-4493

   Solar Panels: 47”x 20”x 1.18”, 100W / 12V, ~15lbs
WaterSecure Controller: 26" x 21" x 16", ~81.4lbs
Battery: 11” x 11” x 8”, ~37lbs


We feel it important to mention that our team is not on commission so expect our help, not pressure to purchase. Our job is to help get you water, not sell you something that isn't a good fit for you or your well. It's why thousands of American farms & ranches trust RPS. Note from RPS co-owner Mike

Rather a Friendly voice? Our famous support team is here to help! 


*Note: Free shipping unfortunately only available for contiguous 48 states.  Subsidized shipping available for Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico and Canada! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I have attached a picture of the controller installation, underside of PV panel installation, and the top side of the panel installation. You may notice that I tied two mounts together. Feel free to use the pictures. I have also included a picture of the cord I made up splitting the 220V back into two 110V outlets so I can plug into the system for other power needs if I am not pumping water (I tested it out and it works great). My brother-in-law in Virginia is anxiously waiting to hear how I like the system so he can consider the same system (assuming he has enough sun - he has a lot of trees on his property. I have several neighbors that seem interested as well, as they are all in the same situation as me - if the grid goes down we have no water.

Purchased and installed -- all is good

After investigating how to protect our weekend ranch house against power failures (whether caused by natural disasters or some national/regional calamity), I came across RPS' Watersecure system. I watched the explanatory videos and spoke a few times with customer service and tech support, and concluded that this system was just what my family needed. The assurance of having running water in our home during a power outage (many here in TX experienced 4 days or more with no electricity last Feb) removes a huge variable from my emergency planning.

Anyway, RPS' tech support guy, Andrew, sized us to a 6K system for our 220 volt 1 hp pump and so that is what I ordered. I didn't want to have to design a mounting system, so I ordered the 8-panel mounting kit from RPS as well.

The system arrived here in TX from RPS' Calif. facility within several days of ordering it. It basically occupied an entire pallet and weighed, I think, around 800 lbs (mostly the weight of the batteries). I had the delivery guy with a pallet jack just put it right into the back of my F150 for transport to our ranch.

Once I unpacked the system at our ranch, a family member helped me with the installation of the mounting kit. I had already located a 6 foot section of 4.5" OD steel pipe, so I augered a 9" hole next to my existing well house with my tractor, set the pipe and poured concrete around it. After letting it set for a day or two, we set up the mounting kit which went pretty well, but we got stumped for a while on two things: (1) there wasn't a good picture in the installation materials about how to arrange the 8 rectangular solar panels (2 across horizontally? 4 across vertically?) but figured it out. (2) how to keep the mounting channels (basically 8' long) equidistant at both the top and bottom. (It didn't come out as perfectly as we would have liked).

Once the solar panels were mounted near the well house, I sunk a 6' galvanized steel post purchased from Home Depot sold for chain link fences 3' in the ground with my bucket loader and attached a couple of mounting brackets and a 1" plywood 24" x 20" mounting board to that with exterior screws. At this point, we realized, as per the instructions, that the controller/inverter unit that is the brains of the system, CANNOT be exposed to weather, mice & insects. (This was not made clear in the videos). So we had to pause the installation and build a kind of doghouse to fit over the controller and mounting pole, using treated plywood (which we painted), treated 2x4s, and some galvanized roofing. We also had to put in a door and two louvered air vents because the controller generates A LOT of heat from the fan outlet on top when it is running.

Also, the controller unit is VERY heavy, maybe 80 - 100 lbs, and it is about 20+ inches tall and maybe 15 inches wide. So it needs a strong mounting setup. The mistake I made was not setting it on a taller galvanized pole. The bottom of mine is only about 12 - 14" above the ground, so I have to lie on the ground on my back to see/work on the connections at the bottom. Should have sunk an 8' mounting pole halfway and left 4' above ground.

When it came to the electrical connections, I wanted to be able plug and unplug the county power from time to time, and to switch the well plug from county power to the RPS controller (rather than leaving everything permanently wired into the controller). Plus, I wanted a 110 electrical outlet on the outside of my controller doghouse so we could have electricity for other stuff during any blackout. So I decided to hire an electrician to come out and make all of the connections (the right way).

Along the way, I had to call RPS tech support (Andrew again) a few times to ask dumb questions, and he very patiently and expertly talked me through everything to my satisfaction.

The 6K system seemed to have everything I needed except for red and black 2.0 AWG cables to allow me to reach from the controller doghouse to the opposite ends of the battery arrangement. I ordered 3' cables and this solved the problem.

I have tested my system, unplugging the county power and using the house water for showers, clothes washing, etc. and it WORKED GREAT. The LCD display allows me to see how much solar is being produced and the charge % of my bank of batteries, and all is functioning as designed. Because the controller fan runs continuously when the unit is "on," my plan is to generally keep it unplugged and just use the county power unless and until I really need it.

Anyway, I am pleased with the 6K WaterSecure system and will be relying on it completely come what may. Pictures of setup are attached. Black box is well & tank.