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RPS Solar Pumps - Trailer

Sun Titan™ Power Trailer by Back40 - New 2024

Sun Titan™ Power Trailer by Back40 - New 2024


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Take a Tour of the Sun Titan™

  • Power the Hard Stuff

    • Water Pumps
    • 2HP Single Phase Motors + Up to 5HP VFDs
    • Power Tools + Saws
    • Welding Equipment 
    • Electric Tractors 
  • And the Easy Stuff

    • Wifi Routers + Device Charging 
    • Kitchen Appliances + Refrigeration 
    • Security & Lighting 
  • Eligible for 26% Federal Tax Credit

  • 10K Pure Sine Inverter

    Delivering 10,000W of rated power output, this rugged pure sine wave hybrid inverter is capable of pairing with either GEL or LI batteries. Dual MPPTs provide 99% efficiency. Provides 120V and 220V output power. Also compatible with 120V/220V AC grid charging or autostart generator. Pre-Installed, configured and wired by RPS engineers.

  • GEL or LI Battery Bank

    Choose between a GEL Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid battery bank or a next-gen Lithium Iron bank. See below from more details and pictures. All batteries are Pre-Installed and wired by RPS engineers.

  • Adjustable LED Light Tower + Light Timer

    Light operation is managed by a controller inside the trailer body. Simple on/off operation and timed light operation modes available. LED light array at full 200 foot height creates wide, at least 20 foot ring of light around trailer. Light direction adjustable. See below for more pictures.

  • Hydraulic Solar Panel Lift

    The hydraulic lift sits at the front of the trailer. Using the wired in, handheld controller (See video), you'll be able to deploy the panel array for solar harvesting in 5 seconds. Controller has magnetic backing for mounting on the outside of the trailer body.

  • Solar DC Disconnects

    The dual solar DC disconnects adds in an extra layer of electrical protection. Turn off or on your entire array with just a turn of the switch.

  • Trailer 2" Ball Hitch + Light Wiring

    All the wiring and accessories to hook up your truck and solar trailer for hauling. Built in stop/turn signal lights on back of trailer.

Sun Titan FAQ's

Is there a generator add on option?

Yes, we can customize your Sun Titan Trailer with an optional gas or diesel generator.

Is the trailer DOT certified?

The trailer meets all DOT standards, but is not DOT certified. The trailer fits within the category of agricultural equipment, so it can be hauled on main roadways according to local codes.


  • 2,760W Solar Array - eight solar panels each rated for 345W / 34.99Vmp
  • Hydraulic lift system for easy adjustment to optimal array angle
  • Quick locking slide-outs that stop solar panel movement during panel deployment and travel mode


  • Pure sine wave output in standard 110V and 220V 1PH (split phase) 
  • Pre-installed outlets & breakers. Pictured: 50 Amp NEMA 14-50R110V/240V, 30 Amp 120V, 20AGFI 110V circuit *customization with Fleet orders*
  • Over current/voltage protection 

20 Foot LED Light Tower

  • 4x 100W adjustable angle LED spotlights, 2.1A 
  • Telescoping adjustable height tower (8.5’ to 20’) 
  • Tower is easily removable for tight storage locations 

Customize Your Power



A) Deep Cycle GEL (G Models)

B) Lithium Iron 5.12kWh (L Models)


A) Eight GEL (G8) or Twelve GEL (G12) Battery Bank

B) One LiFe 5kWh (L5) to Four (L20) Battery Bank

Power Bank Option #1

GEL Lead Acid Batteries

  • Deep cycle, marine grade
  • Zero maintenance + sealed
  • Performs great for areas with climate variability and cold
  • Each battery is rated at 160A, 12V
  • GEL Battery Spec Sheet

Power Bank Option #2

Lithium Iron Batteries

  • 20 Year Lifetime - 6,000 Cycles @ 80%DOD
  • Each LI battery rated at 51.2V / 100Ah / 5.1kWh
  • LCD Screen
  • Zero maintenance
  • LI Battery Spec Sheet


All your videos are spot on. If people took the time to watch them before installing they’d never have to call you. I loved the user manual. The way my wife follows her recipe for cooking… that’s how I followed your user manual. I loved it. Every second of it. I’ve never had customer service like this.

- David, TX


RPS is now one of my very favorite companies.With the help of Daniel, I purchased a 6000watt Water Secure System. It was a great project to install and brought me back to using some skills that I haven’t used in years. It worked perfectly as soon as I turned it on.

- Susan, OK


We’re getting close to what, roughly five years but it’s working fine still.It’s been the best investment we’ve ever done, sir.Seriously. Oh yeah, the best thing we’ve done. We don’t have to run a generator, we’ve got plenty water, it’s always full, it always works and we can almost turn back on it.

- Rodney, OR


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