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RPS Pro Dewatering Pump
RPS Pro Dewatering Pump

RPS Pro Dewatering Pump

RPS Solar Pumps

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NEW 1/2 HP system for longer days of pumping at low heads

Our Dewatering Pumps are super high volume, low head applications where water may contain solids. The systems use best-of-the-best USA 3-Phase GOULDS Pumps. Our controllers are the best in the world and allow customization and  optimization based on sun and season. There is no other kit like this on the market.

ProW1000 ProW3000
160 GPM 180 GPM 400 GPM
90 GPM
150 GPM
375 GPM
100 GPM
300 GPM
20 GPM
200 GPM
45ft -
100 GPM


The RPS ProW systems contain:
- 1/2hp, 1hp or 3hp Goulds Irrigation / Dewatering Pump
- 2.2 kW Rated Solar Controller (takes DC Voltage from Solar Panel array +ability to run with 3000w 220v 1 Phase Generator)
- 3 Phase 220v plug and labeled wires for quick connect to generator
- 2" to 3" MNPT to barb for poly pipe connections
- 0.8kW to 2.9kW Solar Array - Poly/Mono Solar Panels
- Simplified Wiring Diagrams for easy hookup
- Consulting re: Mounting solar array with Schedule 40 pipe at Fixed Angle (similar)
- Email support before and during installation


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