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Power RPS Solar Pump with 110v Generator

Power RPS Solar Pump with 110v Generator

RPS Solar Pumps

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Essentially an AC to DC Power Supply (36-72v, 360-1000w) with 3 wires from a standard 3-prong 110v plug that can go right into your generator. MC4 Connectors (standard solar panel connector clips) attach from the power supply to the leads already wired to your controllers P+ and P- terminals.

RPS 200, 200+, 400N, 400
RPS 400, 400V, 600, 800, 800V
110V 1000W+ Generator
110V 1000W+ Generator

The RPS 400 is compatible with either, but will run best at high head on the 72v. 

** Quick note from our owners: These Power Supplies are sized properly and the best we can find on the market. They aren't super rugged or waterproof. We do not sell these to make profit, just to provide a helpful way to power a solar pump for our customers. We can't really offer our RPS warranties on this product but if you prefer, are happy to send you links to where we buy these if you want to buy them there and wire them up. We're taking the AC input and attaching a 3 prong 110v plug, and taking the DC output and putting MC4 connectors on them (like your solar panels) so it is acting like a solar array in full sun, different sizes based on voltage of the array. Let us know if you have questions. 

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