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NRCS Ready Systems - Solar Pump Kits that adhere to all State / National requirements

NRCS Ready Systems - Solar Pump Kits that adhere to all State / National requirements

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NRCS Information

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For customers looking to work with NRCS to recoup some of the costs of a solar well pump installation, we are here to help. While we can't guarantee NRCS approval, we have designed our kits to adhere to every documented requirement in every US state. The program still requires you to buy and install the system - you just want to be sure you are doing it to your state's specifications to get them to reimburse the costs. All states are a little different, but generally customers go at it in one of a few ways.

  A. Follow Best Practices in Selecting and Installing (recommended) 
B. Try to Fund a Previously Installed System (in a pinch)
What you Need to Buy 1) NRCS-Ready Upgrade Kit with any RPS System

2) "Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit (optional) **
1) NRCS Post Hoc Upgrade Kit 
What you Need to Fill Out Request for NRCS
Request for NRCS

A. Follow Best Practices in Selecting and Installing (recommended) 
Use "NRCS Upgrade Kit" with any RPS System. Use "Turnkey Kit" (optional) to ensure approved poly pipe, wire, well seal and solar panel mounting.
1) Size your solar water pump system with an RPS Specialist and mention that you're thinking about NRCS funding when buying - ideally with "NRCS Upgrade Kit" and "Turnkey Kit".
2. F
ill out the Request for NRCS Documentation form with details on your well, water use, location and your contact info. RPS will email the printable pdf and you can can show the NRCS field office in your area if and when they request it. 
3) Prior to install - bring specs, documents to local NRCS field office for preliminary approval and scheduling of site visit. (optional in some states)
4) Install using all the proper parts, pipe, wire and equipment. With the Turnkey Kit or with all the proper equipment **
5) Get final sign off by NRCS engineers proving the solar pump system is working to spec and will accomplish desired performance for years to come.

B. Try to Fund a Previously Installed System  
Use "NRCS Post Hoc Upgrade Kit" to upgrade components accessible at the surface to get system up to spec (assuming proper pipe and wire was used) and increase warranty to required 3 years.
1) Buy the "NRCS Post Hoc Upgrade Kit"
2) Fill out the Request for NRCS Documentation form with details on your well, water use, location and your contact info. Print the document that you can show the NRCS field office in your area. RPS Engineers are available to NRCS Engineers with questions during approval process
3) Install the extra components like the DC Disconnect Switch at the well head and ensure proper function and performance prior to site visit. 


Our 'NRCS Ready Systems' include:

  • UL 1703 Approved Solar Panels & Documentation
  • Torque Arrestor or Well Casing Spacer (Only upon request by your local NRCS branch office) 
  • External DC Cutoff
  • Approved in-line fusing
  • Detailed Pump Curves
  • Month-by-Month Output (GPM and GPD)
  • EXTENDED 3 Year Warranty (compare to standard RPS 2 year warranty) 
  • Extended Output Guarantee on Solar Panels
  • Complimentary communication between RPS and NRCS Engineers during approval process
  • ** RPS highly recommends pairing 'NRCS Ready Systems' with an RPS 'Turnkey Kit'
Turnkey Kits Include...
  • Approved Solar Panel Mounts (With Engineering Stamps)
  • Approved Bare Copper Grounding Wire, Clamp, Rod
  • NSF Approved 1" 160psi black poly pipe
  • NSF Approved Three Strand Submersible Wire
  • Approved Well Seal and plumbing adapters
** If not using RPS Turnkey Kit...
  • Must use 1" or greater NSF Approved 160+psi poly pipe up to 300 feet. 200 or 250psi rating for anything greater than 300'
  • Must use UL and NSF approved submersible wire, 12AWG or 10AWG Gauge based on length and voltage drop calculation
  • Engineering stamps on whatever solar panel mounting is being used
  • System must be grounded to 533 spec
  • Approved Well Seal and plumbing adapters
  • (if not RPS panels)
  • **Be sure solar panels are UL Approved

Along with the already included and approved system parts:

  • Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
  • Submersible Solar Pump (Brushless)
  • Solar Controller with MPPT
  • Lightning Arrestor (Built into Controller)
  • Hose barb and stainless hose clamps for use with poly pipe 
  • Low-water well level sensor with 100ft wire attached
  • Tank shut-off sensor with 100ft wire attached
  • Solar panel cable connectors
  • Waterproof adhesive lined heatshrink wire covers
  • Detailed manual with step-by-step installation instructions
  • Free Access to DIY Success Center - a portal for RPS customers to connect with a huge library of guides and advice from engineers
  • Our famous phone/text Technical Support included with all RPS kits

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