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NRCS Ready Systems - Solar Pump Kits that adhere to all State / National requirements

NRCS Ready Systems - Solar Pump Kits that adhere to all State / National requirements

RPS Solar Pumps

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For customers looking to work with NRCS to recoup some of the costs of a solar well pump installation, we are here to help. While we can't guarantee NRCS approval, we have designed our kits to adhere to every documented requirement. All states are a little different, but generally the steps are as follows:

1) Fill out the Request for NRCS Documentation form with details on your well, water use, location and your contact info. Free. 

2) An RPS Engineer will turn your info into a formal document that you can bring in, mail or email to the NRCS field office in your area. 

3) An NRCS engineer may be in contact with you and with us, asking for more details or clarification to assure proper system sizing.

4) Once your project is approved by NRCS, we will assemble the kit they have determined is best and you can order here on the site. Each state has a different reimbursement policy so be sure to ask them. Be sure to select the proper model number and length of pump/wire.

Our 'NRCS Ready Systems' include:

- UL 1703 Approved Solar Panels & Documentation
- Approved Solar Panel Mounts
- Engineering Stamps for Hail/Wind Loads on Panels / Mounts
- Well Casing Spacer
- Torque Arrestor (Upon request by your local NRCS branch office
- External DC Cutoff
- Detailed Pump Curves
- Approved in-line fusing
- Extended Warranties on Pump & Solar Panels
- NSF Approved 1" 160psi black poly pipe
- Three Strand Submersible Wire
- Approved Well Seal and plumbing adapters
- Bare Copper Grounding Wire, Clamp, Rod
- EXTENDED 3 Year Warranty (compare to standard RPS 2 year warranty) 

Along with standard system parts:

- Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
- Submersible Solar Pump (DC Brushless)
- Solar Controller with MPPT
- Lightning Arrestor (Built into Controller)
- Hose barb and stainless hose clamps for use with poly pipe 
- Low-water well level sensor with 100ft wire attached
- Tank shut-off sensor with 100ft wire attached
- Solar panel cable connectors
- Waterproof adhesive lined heatshrink wire covers
- Detailed manual with step-by-step installation instructions

Our famous phone/text Technical Support included with all RPS kits.

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