What is a Turnkey Kit?

TURN•KEY Adjective: of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.

No more going back and forth to the hardware store, price checking, or waiting for parts to come in. Our Turnkey Kits come with EVERYTHING you need to set up your system. Our pricing on products beats local hardware store pricing and Amazon pricing. PLUS we keep stock of hard-to-get products like Poly Pipe.

It's our goal to make your install SUCCESSFUL and HASSLE-FREE!

Comes in 50ft, 100ft, 200ft and 300ft kits.

Benefits of a Turnkey Kit?

  • Perfect for remote self-installs
  • Decreases install time
  • No trips to multiple hardware stores
  • No sourcing hard-to-find polypipe
  • All stainless steel fittings
  • Custom-fitted hardware, wire and pipe

Our Turnkey Kits include...

Wire »

  • Pump Wire - Outer jacketed (12-3 AWG
  • Sensor Wire (2 Strand)
  • Polypropylene rope (no decay) to attach to pump as safety line

Plumbing »

  • Poly Pipe rolls 160psi (3/4" or 1" IPS)
  • Stainless Steel Well seal assembly (4", 5" 6") with well seal, stainless threaded nipple, stainless threaded tee or elbow, stainless coupler.
  • Extended Well Seal Sizes available (2", 3" or 8"), please call to confirm sizing and parts for your order!
  • Choice of stainless 3/4 inch or 1 inch hose barb for below seal poly pipe connection.
  • Stainless Steel Hose clamps for the barbed coupling
  • Teflon tape
  • Electrical tape

Mounting »

  • Adjustable Tilt Top-of-pole Mounting kit for Solar Panels (Customer to supply 2-3/8” OD or 4.5" OD schedule 40 steel pipe for mounting - RPS 200 Kit comes standard with 1x 2Panel mount on 2-3/8" OD steel post, RPS 400, 400V, 400N with 1x 4Panel mount for 4.5" OD steel pipe. RPS 800V, 800 with 1x 8Panel mount 4.5in OD steel pipes. RPS 600 can purchase the RPS 800 Turnkey kit and have extra room for 2 more panels later! Customer to supply mounting pipe.)
  • Simple Mounting hardware to attach Controller to post
  • Grounding wire and clamp for use with standard grounding rod 

You'll only need to supply a few basic tools and a mounting pole for a quick install »

  • Wire stripper/crimper
  • Flat and Phillips Screwdriver
  • Lighter or heatgun for heatshrinks, heating poly pipe for tighter hose clamps
  • 2 3/8" OD steel pipe for RPS 200 using 2 panel mount or...
  • 4.5" OD steel pipe for RPS 400, 400V, 400N, RPS 800 and 800V using 4 or 8 panel mounts.
  • Small socket set as it helps get hose clamps tighter
  • Bag(s) of cement for post holes and something to dig them!
  • 4' or 8' 5/8" Grounding rod (not vital on install day, but encouraged)
  • Simple Multimeter for testing DC voltages

How does the Turnkey Kit show up at my door?

Our Turnkey Kits come shipped in these secure but easy to transport rolls! They're perfect to throw in the back of your truck or even a car back seat. Size of the roll depends on the length of pipe you order.

Choose your Turnkey Kit:

Time is Money Turnkey Kit - for RPS200,400 or 800 systems

Half Turnkey Kit (only wiring and polypipe)- for RPS200, 400, or 800 systems

Pro Half Turnkey Kit - For all Pro Series Submersible Pumps

Here are some happy time-saving customers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Donna Moirera
Even an older woman can do it!

Since inheriting a piece of land and knowing I needed to live there on limited income, I knew I needed to be off the electrical grid. I made the investment for the RPS400 and have not had any regrets! That has been 4 years ago (am 68 this year) and my first try at anything solar. The entire system (I got the turnkey kit) was excellently documented with instructions for self install and when I had questions the RPS team was promptly responsive. I have always sang their praises when anyone speaks about private solar power systems especially for their water needs. I'm not so good with documenting with photos though but can offer a photo of my current setup. Keep it up RPS! I am one happy camper with water from the earth.

Charles Q
Installed with a Turnkey Kit for RPS800

Installed with a Turnkey Kit for RPS800

Bob C
Easy install to convert historic windmill to solar

Windmill was installed in 1960 and beyond repair. Elk, antelope and deer now have a reliable water source in a high desert area. Used a Turnkey Kit and it helped out a lot. Thanks for the assistance.

Grant H. - New Jersey
The RPS400V is completely outstanding

The pump kit and Turnkey kit had everything we needed and we didn't have to run around to get anything extra. I brag on this system to a lot of people and love spreading the word. You're not going to get everything in a one-stop kit like this unless you're a pro so the Turnkey Kit was a home-run for us. We're grazing cattle on about 50 acres and before we could only graze on one section at a time but now we're gravity feeding from a hill to 4 different pastures. This allowed us to start implementing rotational grazing and actually increase our cattle operation. The instructional videos touch on every single aspect of installation and show you all your options. Our whole RPS experience has been absolutely seamless.

John Doe
Love the Turnkey

I am very happy with the Turnkey Kit!