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Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks
Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks
Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks
Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks
Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks

Deep Cycle GEL Battery Banks

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Shipping GEL Batteries Currently!

At last, the ultimate off-grid deep cycle batteries! RPS is finally offering the highest quality VLRA GEL sealed batteries with operation lifetime up to 15 years and 1,350-1,550 cycles (50% DOD) before they lose only 40% of their capacity. 

Compare that to standard flooded lead acid batteries and you will see you are getting 3-4 times the lifetime for about the same cost. Plus at 55ah and 12V, these pack a punch yet are easy to carry and handle.

Gone are the days of checking and filling batteries every few months and risks with battery acid spilling.  Bar none, these are the highest quality and longest lifetime lead acid batteries on the market today! 

Always use like batteries when expanding battery arrays, do NOT mix AGM with GEL or 55Ah with 160Ah.  


  • 55ah or 160ah at 12V featuring sealed electrolyte for years of maintenance free operation
  • Up to 15 years and 1,350-1,550 charge cycles with 60% of original capacity remaining
  • Completely sealed for spill prevention and maintenance elimination
  • Extra thick Pb-CA-Tin alloy plates for extra long lifetime
  • 55 Ah: 38 lbs, 9.02 x 5.43 x 8.50 inches each battery
  • 160Ah: 106lbs, 20.9 x 8.15 x 8.16 inches each battery
  • "+" and "-" battery-to-battery and battery-to-controller jumpers included in every purchase  

View the 55Ah and 160Ah Spec Sheet for more information! 

View the 55 Ah AGM Spec Sheet 

View the 150 Ah AGM Spec Sheet 


Battery Selection Table

 System Battery Bank Estimated Run-time per Set*
RPS200 24V Battery Bank 3-6 hours
RPS400 24V or 48V Battery Bank** 3-5 hours
RPS800 48V Battery Bank 3-5 hours
TPP750 24V Battery Bank 1-2 hours


*Estimated run time depends on exact pumping head and volume.

**For RPS400's operating towards maximum pump capability, use 48V battery bank.

Note: Adding batteries to an existing RPS200/400/800 will not increase overall water production if system is running all day and not allowing down time to charge batteries.  Batteries allow shifting of pumping time from daytime to evening/night.  More panels are also needed to increase overall water production if system is running all day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jourdan C

Battery Housing for my Tankless Pressure Pump batteries, keeps them sheltered and secure.

Steve, CA

Running RPS 400 system on 4 pannels/4 batteries in series.

Anne H

Nice size as I can actually carry them myself with the handles. I had to add 2 more during the summer when I was running the pump a lot but in the winter I have extra storage since I don't use much water at that time of year so I am happy