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RPS WH10-350 Series Pumps

RPS WH10-350 Series Pumps

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The W10-350 Solar+AC Pump is a 4" Submersible Pump with the option of Solar operation, 110V/220V AC.


Max Head (ft) 600 ft
Max Flow (GPM) 10 GPM

 For use with 1200w - 1800w Solar Arrays. Performance increases with array size/voltage. See pump curves. 

  • Permanent magnet DC brushless
  • AC/DC Switching Controller for use with 220v Generator (Optional)
  • Internal controller with MPPT function
  • 304 SS pump and motor. Laser Welded.
  • Water-lubricated bearings.
  • Water-filled Encapsulated motor
  • Soft start and soft stop to extend life
  • Built-in Run-Dry protection
  • Variable Load protection
  • Variable Current & Voltage protection
  • Quick-Connect Wiring from Panels to Controller
  • DC Cut-Off Switch + Wiring
  • Pump Wire Splice Kit
  • Tank-Full Shutoff Sensor + Splice Kit (Optional)
  • Most Comprehensive 2 Year Warranty