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Solar Booster Surface Pumps / Transfer Pump Kits

Solar Booster Surface Pumps / Transfer Pump Kits

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Finally, an All-in-One Solar Powered Booster Pump Kit! 

Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical energy, which provides power to the solar pump controller. The controller stabilizes the voltage to charge batteries and power your booster pump. During the day, the sun charges the batteries so they can provide constant power 24/7. The booster pump is equipped with its own pressure switch so when water is needed downstream of the pump (e.g., a faucet or tank float opens) and the pressure drops, the pump will power on immediately to restore the pressure. The pump will remain on and pump water until the pressure builds back up to 60-70 psi.

This system can attach to the outlet of any storage tank and can pressurize water systems for irrigation, homes, RVs, or cattle troughs. The pressure switch allows automatic shutoff when faucets are closed, a mechanical float valve is closed, or a pressure tank is at 60psi. See specs below on flow, GPM ratings, and estimated Gallons Per Day (based on 100 Ah batteries).

Kit includes:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels (one to four depending on kit)
  • Solar charge controller (supports 12V or 24V systems)
  • 12V or 24V pressure pump with built-in pressure switch at 60 psi (specs below)
  • Wire to MC4s to connect solar panels (15 ft)
  • Wire from controller to alligator clamp connectors for battery terminals (5 ft)
  • Wire to MC4s to connect pump to controller (5 ft)
  • Parallel splice connectors (for two- and four-panel kits)
  • 3/4″ barb connectors to attach pump to 3/4″ flexible tubing with hose clamps (will not work with many types of poly pipe, reinforced vinyl tubing works great)
  • Installation Manual with step-by-step instructions


You will need to add batteries to these systems if you want to pump water when the sun isn't shining.

Batteries must be deep-cycle batteries, not standard car batteries. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to take much lower continual discharges than regular car batteries and are usually sold as “marine” or “RV batteries.” Deep-cycle batteries normally have an “amp hour” rating shown as Ah (e.g., 100 Ah). Generally deep-cycle batteries are sold in 6 and 12 volt varieties. RPS customers tend to opt for 12V AGM batteries as they are great ‘bang for the buck’ and simple to wire. 100 Ah is a popular size; Group 27 is also a good alternative, which is around 90 Ah.

Wiring Batteries: For P100 and P200 Systems, 12V batteries must be connected in parallel (like your solar panels) to keep the voltage at 12V. If using 6V batteries, put two 6V batteries in series to make 12V. For the P400 system, you'll need to wire two 12V batteries in series (or four 6V batteries) to achieve the desired 24V.

Name Pump Series # of Panels Watts solar GPM at No head GPM at 40psi GPM at 40psi and 50ft head Amps 40psi 12v Batteries Needed* Voltage of Battery Bank Watts at 40psi Wh stored from 5h @ 50% Ah stored at 12v or 24v Average Hours of Pumping at 40psi** GPD Capability at 40psi*** Average Hours of Pumping at 40psi + 50ft head GPD Capability at 40psi and 50ft head Retail Price
P100 V** 1 100 6 4.5 3.5 13 1 12 156 250 21 1.6 433 1.4 284 $529.00
P200 V** 2 200 6 4.5 3.5 13 1 24 156 500 42 3.2 865 2.7 568 $629.00
P400 V** 4 400 6 4.5 3.5 6.5 2 24 156 1,000 42 6.4 1,731 5.4 1,136 $999.00
P1000 D 8 800 22 10 4 10 Solar Only 3,600 (7,920 at No Head) 1,400 $2,690.00


*See section on batteries; 12V or 24V systems only

**Self-priming to 10 ft, but we still encourage using a foot valve. P1000 (D series) requires positive prime

***Based on 6 hours per day of solar irradiance

If you are buying an RPS 200 or RPS 400 Well Pump Kit, or already have one installed, you can add a booster pump to your system by selecting 'Pump Only'.

**** Quick note: The Flojet Booster Pumps included in these kits are the best we can find on the market. The are small and don't love extended run times - especially designed for lower volumes at pressure. We do not sell these pumps to make profit, just to provide a helpful solution to get pressurized water from a tank on demand and off grid. We're working on better solutions but on the Flojet pumps and the small charge controllers in the kit, we can't offer our industry leading 2 year RPS warranty. Flojet has their own one year warranty on the pumps that should be available if you share the serial number on the pump with them. There are parts online for these pumps as well. Let us know if you have questions.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Installed on on my son's land

Bought as gift. Works well with an inline hot water heater. better than the Shurflo one he had there previously. Good flow. Cycles less.