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RPS Rebuilds & Replacements

RPS Rebuilds & Replacements

RPS Solar Pumps

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While warranty and service issues are rare, our team is setup to respond quickly. All service and replacement parts for RPS systems under warranty are free. Outside of the original system's warranty our service team has setup several affordable options to get customers up and pumping again quickly. 

Helical Rotors / Pumping Mechanisms
Covered under Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (shipping cost only) $8

Sensors (low water or tank sensor)
Outside 2 year warranty (cost including shipping)  1'  $12  and 100'  $25   


1) Complete Rebuild & Refurbish of existing motor. Ship to us first, we repair, then ship back. $200
2) Previously Refurbished Motor of same model year + return label for existing motor sent UPS Ground  $250
3) Brand New 2019 motor with expedited shipping  $399

1) Repair of existing circuit board if possible. Ship to us first, we repair, then ship back. $185
2) Previously Refurbished circuit board of same model year + return label for existing circuit board sent UPS Ground $215
3) Brand New 2019 circuit board with expedited shipping $399