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2019 Upgrades to our Solar Well Pump kits!

Every winter during the slower winter season, our engineers stay busy upgrading our solar well pump systems. Using a combination of customer requests we get throughout the year, an analysis of warranty issues, and our own wish of changes, our engineers are usually able to make some big improvements. For all those customers that wait for us in the winter season - thank you for your patience. The upgrades this year are especially exciting! Without further ado, here are our 2019 Upgrades to our Solar Well Pump kits.

  2019 Upgrades
  -Firmware update for better frequency variation and efficiency in low light
  -Improved Permanent Magnet core for 3-5% efficiency gains
  -Improvement to helical pumping mechanism stator-end casting
  -Thicker circuit board heatsink for better heat transfer in hot climates
  -Improved Splice kits (crimps & heatshrinks for pump wire + sensor wires)
  -Pre-crimped Pump Wires (Customer request)
  -Updates to our famous installation manual 

A special thank you to our customers for all your feedback throughout the year. We have been able to implement lots of your suggestions this year. As always, we will keep improving the systems we sell and the service we provide. 

All the best,
The RPS Team

Most Popular 2018 Upgrades
-Pre-wired wires into Solar terminals with MC4s!
-Moved 'Solar - Off - Battery' from inside to outside housing, waterproofed (Customer request!)
-Sturdier controller housing, longer heatsinks
-Pump end barrel with lower fastened cast end for less flex
-Wire mesh stainless steel filter over intake
-Thicker waterproofing sealant on wire gland
-New upper end with no screw eyelets or welds 
-Single sensor for low water sensor! No more single wire probes!
-Low water sensor and tank sensor now both with 100ft of 2 strand wire! (Customer request!)
-Pre-connected MC4s for 'plug and play'