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"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit for Quicker & Easier Installs
"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit for Quicker & Easier Installs
"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit for Quicker & Easier Installs

"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit for Quicker & Easier Installs

RPS Solar Pumps

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Short on time? In a remote area without access to a hardware store? Get everything you need to install an RPS Solar Pump right to your doorstep. US Record holder: 1hr 7min from opening boxes to pumping water. CS, Missouri

  • Pump Wire - Outer jacketed (12-3 AWG)
  • Sensor Wire (2 Strand)
  • Polypropylene rope (no decay) to attach to pump as safety line
  • Poly Pipe rolls 160psi (3/4" or 1" IPS)
  • Well seal assembly (4", 5" 6") with PVC barbed insert below, threaded nipple, and threaded elbow
  • Hose clamps for the barbed couplings
  • Teflon tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Adjustable Tilt Top-of-pole Mounting kit for Solar Panels (Customer to supply 2-3/8” OD or 4.5" OD schedule 40 steel pipe for mounting - RPS 200 Kit comes standard with 1x 2Panel mount on 2-3/8" OD steel post, RPS 400, 400V, 400N with 1x 4Panel mount for 4.5" OD steel pipe. RPS 800V, 800 with 1x 8Panel mount 4.5in OD steel pipes. RPS 600 can purchase the RPS 800 Turnkey kit and have extra room for 2 more panels later! Customer to supply mounting pipe.)
  • Simple Mounting hardware to attach Controller to post
  • Grounding wire and clamp for use with standard grounding rod 
Comes in 100ft, 200ft and 300ft kits.

Standard RPS Systems vs. Turnkey Table

Tools & Equipment you’ll still need on hand for the quick install:
  • Wire stripper/crimper
  • Flat and Phillips Screwdriver
  • Lighter or heatgun for heatshrinks, heating poly pipe for tighter hose clamps
  • 2-3/8" OD steel pipe - for RPS 200 ...or 4.5" OD steel pipe - RPS 400, 400V, 400N) or 2x 4.5" OD steel pipes for RPS 800, 800V
  • Small socket set as it helps get hose clamps tighter
  • Bag(s) of cement for post holes and something to dig them!
  • 4' or 8' 5/8" Grounding rod (not vital on install day, but encouraged)
  • Simple Multimeter for testing DC voltages 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Joel Bickler
A few glitches with installation

All went smoothly except for when it came to the poly tubing. For whatever reason though the site says you can order 100,200, and 300 foot roll poly for the “Easy Install Kit” for the solar well pumps, if you order the 1” size you can only order 100’ I was told. (Only needed 200’ for the first well). We’ve spent more time ordering and picking up from a HDepot then finding out what RPS sent us is 1” inside diameter (that spec isn’t on the website nor the order list I probably received with the order but can’t find on any email) Turns out what I naively purchased as the extension has an outside diameter of 1” so they’re not the same. And the coupler won’t make the proper connection. I just wonder how many other naive novices stumble on that same issue. Otherwise the pump kit went together well per my son and has been working well for a month or more Plan on getting a second one soon for another well already drilled


It's a good replacement for my old windmill well, pump runs steady even on cloudy days

Bill and Ruth
Installation went great

My brother in law and is son in law, who wired space shuttles( who can say that ), and my nephew did it in 100*+ weather. Was up and running that day. One week ago today. Thank you for a great product!

Brad S
Quick delivery to the middle of nowhere

Wow!! I live in middle of no where and it is here already, Amazing service!! Thanks!!

Bruce A
Works pretty good

Set it all up pretty quick with this kit