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Solar Pumps Make people happy

Customers send in hundreds of notes each season expressing their newfound love for solar pumping.  Our job is not done until you are pumping water, and our support of you as you do it is unconditional.

We love solar pumping and you will too.

Got it done over the weekend! Still have a little plumbing to take care of but we are pumping water!! Couldn’t be happier with the ease of installation and the communication, assistance and knowledge of the staff at RPS! Thank you!

Daniel D, TX

"Thank you for all the good information and the exceptional care you gave in addressing all my inquiries. I have always felt this company to be unique in the personal engagement area which is sorely forsaken these days… and why I called on you folks… so I appreciate that."

Lee G, AZ

I have replaced 3 windmill pumps with these RPS systems
and I don't have to worry about them no more. Been working for almost 2 years.

John R, TX

I very seldom write to a company. I installed one of your systems last year. From the very beginning I was impressed with the prompt delivery of the products. All parts and pieces arrived well protected. The manual and online tutorials were top notch. If I had a question, answers were only a phone call away.
Once the installation was completed, the whole system worked flawlessly. The cattle have never lacked clean, fresh, spring water.
I would not hesitate one moment to recommend RPS to anyone wanting to utilize solar to pump water to livestock. Keep up the good work.

Steve T, CA

RPS is now one of my very favorite companies. With the help of Daniel, I purchased a 6000watt Water Secure System. It was a great project to install and brought me back to using some skills that I haven’t used in years. It worked perfectly as soon as I turned it on.

Susan, OK


I got it installed and it works great! Really quiet and strong, the instructions were easy to follow and it worked the first time I turned it on, even though it was a really cloudy day. I love it! I set it at the 3.5 speed which works perfectly. I used to be able to hear the other ones from my house, but this one is so quiet! I am super pleased. What a great solar pump, I am so glad I found your company, what a relief to have that handled so well. Thanks for all your help from a very satisfied customer..

Mary W, IL

The system is up and running. We're very happy with it. I retired from the electronics industry after 30+ years so I know quality products. Y'all's are that.

Randall S, NV

My son and I installed the RPS 200 system on our Ranch. I’m impressed with the quality of the components and the installation manual is one of the best written and easy to understand that I have ever seen!

Michelle K, FL

The systems were very easy to install and pumping as they should.  Thanks again for the quick and excellent service. I'm proud to recommend RPS to all my ranching neighbors.

Fred L, ND

Installation was easy, watched a you tube video and it was self explanatory. Easy-Easy! Installed batteries after installation for more continuous use even on rain days. Had it working for 1.5 months, would recommend highly! Engineer answered questions and even called back to ensure everything was working properly. Love it and automatic operation!

Randy S, GA

“All your videos are spot on. If people took the time to watch them before installing they’d never have to call you. I loved the user manual. The way my wife follows her recipe for cooking… that’s how I followed your user manual. I loved it. Every second of it. I’ve never had customer service like this.

David, TX

Have a 35’ well, well will only pump 4 GPM, not a great well . Pumps all day to water yard or garden, does all I expected & more. 

Wade A, VA

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